i dont know how i start but this feeling i feel right now start when my daughter is in the hospital, (nov 13 2020) i think its because of tiredness i feel uncomfortable. that time i'm struggling in breathing my heart beats so fast i think its panic attack and i'm overthinking of what possible happend to me and my baby. i was thinking what will happen to us if we inffect in the hospital, what will happen if my baby get infected, what will happen to my baby why she's sick that time i dont know what to do so i pray and thanks to God. We're negative in covid and my baby is okay and she already feeling well. fastforward. on dec 3, i experienced the panic attack thingy again. I don't know what that feeling is but the speed of my heartbeat makes it a bit difficult for me to breathe. I was asleep at that time but I woke up because my heart was beating so fast but I did not think of anything or had a bad dream then I prayed again and went back to my sleep. so until now I feel a sudden nervousness and sometimes I wonder if I am going crazy, maybe I am hurting my child I do not know sometimes it suddenly entered my mind if I may be dead or I may have killed my child or maybe what is happening or what I am doing at that time is not true. I hope you can help. I do not know what is happening because I do not like what I am experiencing please help me. I still don't want to die I still love my life I still want to see my daughter grow up. di ko pa ito sinasabi sa kahit kanino. dito lang ako nag salita. Please help. #pregnancy #1stimemom

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minsan tayo lang gumagawa ng mga nararamdaman naten. think of other things or do something na magiging busy ka para madivert ang atensyon mo. ikaw djn makakatulong sa sarili mo