Hi.. I just done my details scan today, as per calculation, my pregnancy should be around 24 weeks.. But just now, when scan, detected that my baby's cerebellum size smaller(around 21-22weeks size). The sonographer told me that maybe there is some mistake in my pregnancy calculation OR the worst case is my baby cerebellum is underdeveloped. I am very worried and sad right now, since there are so many possibilities may affect my baby. I got appointment with sonographer next week to remeasure my baby's cerebellum size,but i think i cannot wait until next week to observe the growth of my baby. Anyone got this experience before?

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Same goes to me.. My baby cerebellum smaller 2 week than actual age.. Detected during 24 weeks. Got refer to specialist, follow up and scan every 3 weeks to check the growth of cerebellum. During my visit at specialist, they told me not to worry as the growth are normal. Alhamdullilah, on oct 25 deliver normal baby.

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