hi to all mummy... or mummy to be... just want to ask if anyone of u know.. i just now scan my tummy, my actual pregnancy is 6w, but when scan, the machine show 4w++... but the kantong bby also have and see.. now i'm worried, because doctor said that i have the cyst..but doctor inform this is normal for the begining pregnancy...if your pregnancy become bigger, the cyst will dissepears.. anyone have experience???.

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this based on my kazen experience now preggy dlm 13-14 weeks..detected ade cyst @ fibroid..x sure..then baru saja buang last week yg lpas..syukur alhamdulillah..hanya buang "benda jahat" tuu shaja..kandungan baby and mom alhamdulillah baik..doc x usik pon baby dlm kndungan kazen..cumanya every 2 weeks laa kena jmpa pkar after op tuhh..

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this is my second pregnancy 7w now and i also experience the same. doc said have cyst out of my kantong.but do not worry n will be monitor three weeks from now. if the cyst getting bigger, then its time to refer to o&g i guess. but so far the doc said to me is norm. dont worry too much.

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As far as i know kalau cyst semakin besar masa kandungan makin tinggi, cyst perlu dibuang semasa sis bersalin jgk.. Lagipun not all cyst is dangerous.. Hope this helps..

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Hopefully this is not the dangerous one... Futermore my bby just 6w, so doctor inform as usual the cyst will become small when the bby getting bigger...and after 2w doctor want to review scan back..hopefully there is bright news for me. Thanks for your reply dear 😊

Yess.. that is normal. Dont worry , unless your cyst become bigger until more 5cm . It will need specialist observation.

same like said it is normal...