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Hi. I did detailed scan on my 18 weeks and the doctor said twice that i am carrying A GIRL. Can i start to buy baby girl clothes? Or the gender can be change? Because on that time my baby spread her legs wide and showed a shape of burger(showing she is a girl)That’s what doc told me.

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just buy color neutral cloths. like newborn size around 3pcs romper or 3pcs sleepsuits. yang lain semua 0-3months sbb baby cepat membesar.normally what i see with my anak buah is that most of the time they spend time sleeping so baju mcm dress tu semua tak perlu actually..lagipun comfort baby is more important. my opinion,if u buy boy cloths pun tak apa sbb girl can use boy baju without being judge😅. swaddle pun 2-3 je..

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Possibility for a girl to turn out actually a boy tu kurang dari boy ke girl. Hahaha. So blh beli. Tp jgn beli byk, sbb masa pantang kejap je dh tak muat... Kalau beli better baju besar sikit..baju baby I masa pantang less than 10. 😂 Habis pantang dh sendat. 😑Tp to be safe boleh beli baju neutral.

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Haha yeke .. so u think how eh. I feel macam girl lrpas doc ckp. Takpelah another 4 weeks i nak buat 4d see how. Thank u for the advice dear😘

same goes with me.. details scan 23weeks then she also spread her legs twice time.. but tht time still scared to bought girl clothes so I bought unisex then on 33weeks I go to HKL due I have leaking n nurse scan said the same thing.. she is girl.. hehehe

Sy pula masa 24w scan 5d tak buat detail scan.. Doc kata confirm girl.. Tapi sy takut juga nnt gender tunggu nak scan lagi sekali lg kalau nmpk girl lg baru nak beli brg2 baby girl.. Sy excited sgt nak baby girl harap2 betul girl.. Hihi

Same, i also scan details on 18weeks..doc gtau girl.. Sbb mmg dia tengah kangkang.. Excited daddy dia.. Dah bli dah baju gigirl.. And hr tu scan 5d on 26weeks.. Takut jugak, bertukar gender.. Scan tgk girl jugak.. Hihihihi..insyaAllah girl..

Yes yunk.. If it's a girl.. Then cannot turn aboy.. U can watch it at YouTube.. Congrats.. Its a girl... 😘 😘

If burger type can be seen, inshaAllah, it is confirm girl..

beli neutral colour mommy ..