I am currently a private patient at KKH. Would like to know whether i will be able to change to subsidised patient instead? Is there any possibility? Anybody knows? I am currently 12weeks pregnant. A little worried about the future cost for prenatal visits/delivery for private patients. It seems alot more expensive than subsidised.

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Yes u can. All u need to do is to get a referral letter from polyclinic but that would also mean that u cant5choose doctors anymore. subsided patients and rates are more feasible I feel.

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Yes i was previously private after which i downgraded to subsidised. Make an appointment with the MSW in kkh and they will be able to assis t you with it. Hope this helps.

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Usually they wont. Mine didnt ask. I told them im unable to deposit the full amount during the registration for delivery and ward, so the cso told me the only way is downgrade and take subsidies ward without any referral letter

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Yes. But will required to get a referral letter from clinic

Yup! Just need to get referral letter from polyclinic.

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yes, go to polyclinic and get a referral letter

Yes u can