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Hi mummies! I would like to hear your experience as a private patient in kkh/nuh. I’m currently a subsidised patient and would like to switch to private soon. Any recommended gynaes? Thanks in advance :))#firstbaby ##advicepls

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I just made the switch at nuh from clinic G to private. It couldn’t have been better for me! No doubt there is a lot of positive reviews for the subsidised clinic, personally I was in a bit of a shock as I have seen better looking clinics in nuh. Clinic G is crowded to a point where not every patient can gets a seat. If you come during peak hours, it’s fair to say that it’s hard to adhere to social distancing while standing up. Waiting time about 1-1.5h usually for me. I do find that receptionists are quite overwhelmed. Usually face quite black vs fetal care (more cheerful). If there’s no complication in pregnancy and no issue with seeing a diff dr every time, it’s alright to stay at clinic g. But maybe I’m suay, first time I went I gotten 3 training drs and 1 dr for my consultation. Subsequently I have encountered 1 training dr to 1 dr. Sometimes after leaving the room, I Google for the dr’s name but it is not on nuh web (my guess is that they are not full fledged or rather new? I could be wrong.) Another point that irks me was that diff dr has diff diagnosis for issues that I have raised. I have rather bad heartburn. One said allergic to iron recommend to stop supplement. Another said common pregnancy issue and continue iron. When clarifying on whether it’s safe to continue using certain drugs, dr asked the trainee what’s that? Trainee gave the ans instead. I think the pros of clinic G has to be the low price for consultation. Never exceed $100 per visit. But given that I’m currently having some issues with my pregnancy, I appreciate having someone constant to check on my status. I do find my current gynae a lot more attentive than those that I have seen. All those issues I have raised prev has been addressed. Ruby clinic looks like a hotel lobby. Nice plush seats. Clean washrooms for urine tests. But at the cost of extra money and tax is no longer covered by Govt. For my next pregnancy, I would most probably continue with this route. Start with clinic G to save on some money and switch to private at the 20 week mark since there’s package. Unless I develop complications early in preg then I would just opt for private from the start.

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12mo ago

I switched to prof su. Saw that you are keen to switch as well. Pls enquire early. They gave me a 4 month waiting queue initially. Best of luck!

I’ve just given birth last week and was a subsidised patient until 33 week into pregnancy. There was some slight complications during 2nd trimester so worrying that the medical fees will be high, I continued to be in the subsidised route. I find there are both pros and cons for having different gynaes all the time. You get to hear different opinions but of course the level of care differs as they are not the doctor that sees you from the start to end. In the end I went to become a private patient with KKH was because I wanted a more experience and a male doctor to help me with the delivery. The level of care being a private patient is really amazing, I could ask so many questions that I want to, the consultation timing can be for as long as you want it to, you don’t need to clean up yourself after ultrasound and you get to have a scan in every visit. Most importantly for me is that O feel so assured when my gynae gave me his email address to allow me to write in on questions that I may have. However and unfortunately, during my time of delivery, I’ve only seen him at the last part when I pushed my baby out. He was so late that the midwife had to ask me to stop pushing and wait for my doctor. I also realised that during the delivery, it doesn’t matter which class were you, all in the same delivery suite and care.

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12mo ago

Thanks mummy! Your insight is indeed refreshing! Thank you so much☺️

I gave birth in early July this year at nuh as private patient. Overall was very happy and satisfied with the service, nurses, doctor, etc from pregnancy and birth. The waiting time at the clinic can be long at times but there are times it’s very fast and u can go home in less than an hr. I had a few complications, such as early contractions and mild spotting at 29 week. I was well taken care and resting at home till I gave birth at week 39. My gynae prof su Lin Lin is nice and popular. She is also pro natural birth 😊

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12mo ago

Hi mummy! Good morning and thank you for your reply! I’m actually thinking of having prof su lin lin as my gynae! Im glad you had a pleasant experience ☺️ when you had such symptoms at week 29, were you given HL? Also,congrats on the baby!☺️

I was originally a subsidized patient in KKH. Converted to private towards the end! Overall the care i experienced by the staff is about the same. But I chose to convert as I wanted to choose my own doctor for delivery. My doctor was Dr Serene Thiam. She’s great and super attentive to mummy’s needs. Super duper calm during delivery. And can joke with you also 😂

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12mo ago

Thank you mummy!😬


I'm a private patient with KKH, and my gynae is Dr Lily Kho. She's simply the best; fun, friendly and assuring. She's also the doctor who does the collection of the cord blood. All the best ❤️

11mo ago

Hi mummy! I think im considering dr lily kho! How as your experience with her? Did she clear your doubts when you have any? Is she also okay with giving out HL? My work nature requires me to move a lot and im wondering if she’s okay to give HL nearing my EDD

i was with Prof Jerry from KKH. Man of little words. no bullshit kind. very straight to the point.

2mo ago

hi...can I know if he is Prof Jerry Chan? Was thinking of having him now as my gynae.

Dr Caroline Khi from Mount Alvernia.. Soft spoken and very patience gynae

12mo ago

Hi mummy! Thank you for the suggestion☺️