Baby Kicking

I am currently in 16th weeks.Since this is my 1st baby, i just want to know how actually the baby kicking feels like? Mommies please share how does it feels like. ???

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for 16weeks it feels more like a heartbeat to me. as the weeks goes by it will feel stronger. at 25 weeks u will start see ur belly move kiri kanan atas bawah. and at 30weeks u start feel like u cant breath and the movements are super strong like the baby want to come out right now right then. and sometimes u also can feel like ur vagina muscle moving also( 30weeks)

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4y ago

i do feel like bubbles popping under my breast. but i dont know if it is air trapping in my tummy 🤔🤔

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I feel my first kick when i was at 18 weeks. Fluttering and feel popping under my belly buttons. Then i didnt felt anything after 3 days. At 20 weeks i feel the kicking and moving everyday. At morning, noon evening and at night. ♥️

It feels like you have gas in your stomach when im in 16th wks. Then I can feel like something want to go out from my tummy when im about 18th wks. Maybe bcs my tummy's layer is thin, thats why i can feel a lot of movement inside😂

Same here.. Im in my 17th week.. And 1st baby.. I dun noe how its feels.. N i super excited to feel it..

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Very light like bubbles popping... Or butterflies

4y ago

i do feel bubbles popping but it is under my breast i dont know if it is air or what. 🤔🤔