I’m in 5weeks and I have problem with my tooth. Should I extract or root canal? Is it safe for the baby?

This is my first time to have baby and I would like to have an advise from experienced mom. And also I have pimples, I know how to treat them but not sure if it is harmful for baby. Like antibiotic cream. Please advise

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Hi there 😊 in my opinion it is best to consult your gynaecologist or any doctor whom you are comfortable with for such advice. But if you ask me personally, I’d say best to avoid extracting anything or applying any antibiotics that could possibly harm the developing fetus. This is all due to your pregnancy still being in an early stage. Also, extracting will definitely affect our nerves and that could possibly cause more unnecessary discomfort to you or your developing baby, since all our nerves are connected to one another. I had experienced the same while being pregnant with my first born and was advice to increase my calcium intake. I also did went to the dentist to seek advice on how I could help my self to minimise such pain and discomfort the safe way. Anyways, I hope you feel better soon mama ! Take good care of your self.

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it’s best to try more organic solutions for now instead of having to take antibiotics. but do consult the doctor. i have a dentist friend who says that when having toothaches it’s caused by an infection in which case you should constantly gurgle salt water solution. for pimples, aloe vera is great!

Thank you so much 😊