changing child's surname

can i change my child surname if the court grant me sole custody with care n control??

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Yes, you are able to change your child surname. But in order for the court to grant you full care and control of the child, you must be fully capable to handle of both mindset and financial. The court(the judge) won't be able to give you full control if you lack both. You need a strong case and also a good lawyer to fight for you. Good luck and best wishes. Take care.

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3y ago

i see. I'll look for the lawyer who handles my divorce, see whether she got the confident to help me on that anot. mine abit special and troublesome case cos the ex is in prison so its abit more complicated ~ anyway thanks for the info!

Me is sole custody and lucky I dun ask any maintenance from my ex n I successful change my Son surname.

9mo ago

Hi can you share your process? My ex and i are not married and ICA told me need him to consent. He is in the bc but he raped me while we were together so i don’t wish to contact him. I’m also working on sole custody but my lawyer told me not to mention the name change or court may not give me sole custody and no access for him

I've got sole custody too, unable to change surname unless he approves >

3y ago

It is possible to change. Find a good lawyer. Money make the world spins and it is legal.

I think you can. You can consult any law firm to know more

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Not very sure about that. Can check with your lawyer

I believe you can. Best to verify with a lawyer.

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Have to check with lawyer

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