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I got a sole custody with care and control given to me. Can i change my child's name??? What is the procedure.

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if your child is below 1yrs old u can change. if aft 1yrs old u need to do a deed poll. if you have no contact with the father you have to inform the lawyer. and the lawyer will help.

i think u can change ur child's name but not his/her surname unless the biological father allows.

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You can find out more information from lawyers. Every country law and regulations are different.

Me is sole custody and lucky I dun ask any maintenance from my ex n I successful change my Son surname.

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but provided the biological father have to approve to let the child change his surname right? sigh, i too very much wanted to change my eldest son's surname but when i google, many said the father had to allow it even though i had the sole care n custody :(

need to deed poll , child name can be change before age of 7 or 12 if I can remember

Sorry, you need both parent's consent, even if you have sole custody.

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Have to check with lawyer.

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check with lawyer