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I believe becoming a mother, social life will be lesser. What would you do you secretly found out that your close friends left you out during gathering and even lie that they did not meet? Would you move on or confront?

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move on! i know its easier to be said than done , but true & real friends will always be down for you no matter what . The realest friends are the ones who will understand your situation and wont leave you out like that, they will ask you as well even if you cant make it , becoz ure part of them . Either way, it's still your choice . But you deserve better friends ❤️

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Move on. Girl if your friends cannot understand that you being a mum means you can't meet up often or your world revolves around your child then screw them. The people who are truly your friends will wait for you, get a restaurant which is convenient and even help you with the baby

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Just move on. I believe there surely lots of 'whys' and 'what ifs' on your mind. There's no point for confrontation either. If they are your true friends, they wouldn't left you out at all but to love your existence around them and love your child when you guys hang out together.

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I will move on, maybe your friend doesnt want to hurt you knowing you were busy with your kids so that why she doesnt ask you out then when you found out , she got no choice but to lie so that she will not hurt you. You know like white lies

i will ask why... but it’s likely a lousy reason. then i will move on. i have done it before to groups/people who do not value me as much as i valued them. so i rather spend the time and love and attention on worthy people.

I moved on and was so much happier without their presence. Don’t have to always endure sarcasm or zero understanding from them. Anyway afterwards I met more mummies and colleagues-turned-friends so life continues.

if that happens to me, I would ignore and move on but will just casually ask why they did that. as we get older, we won't have time to for all these social gatherings and to think too much of these situations

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Move on. You got more time for your baby. Family over friends, don't dwell over it. You can have 100 friends but none can be there when u really need them. You can always make new friends. Cheer up😊

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i move on. been there, done that tho so it wasnt an issue for me cause im already in the parenting life and some day they might understand

Move on! And anyway you should have more than one group of friends. No one group can meet all ur social needs. It’s not healthy