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If you found out that your husband was cheating (having close connection with women via social media - chatting and sharing porn videos) .If he accepted that and asked forgiveness, will you forgive him or not? Can you trust him anymore? How can you make your painful heart? Thanks

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Sharing porn videos with a female? Uh no, that's not pure sharing, there's more to it to their relationship. I will lose my trust in him. I will ask him if it's okay that I do the same - chat with men via social media and sharing porn videos with them - and then I say sorry to him. How would he feel? Does he feel he can still trust me? Does he actually think I am having a innocent platonic relationship with those men? No, I doubt so.

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To me i wont forgive my husband if my husband really cheat on me behide my back because he already cheated on you for what still want to forgive him? and i wont trust him anymore cause 1 time pain is enough

That is really sad to hear , but if u are willing to give him a chance , pls monitor his behaviour and make sure he earn back your trust . The most important thing is communication , have a talk with him

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Men r visual creatures... N whose porn videos is he sharing? If it's his own then it's weird. If it's random porn videos i wouldn't care much.

how sure are you that it will not happen again if you forgive him this time? i will also consider if i have children and their age.


I'm sorry to say it's a no for me. but it depend on individual for the sake of the kids are you willing to give it a try again?

Men will never change ! In this world nobody can be trusted accept yourself .

I will monitor. Chatting with other women is a nono.

Definitely a big fat no for me.