Do you share to close friends or family when you found out you are pregnant?

Just like to find out more opinion about sharing the positive results only after 1st trimester. Do most of your already tell your close families or friends or waiting for 1st trimester to be over?

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depends on individual.. I told my hub immediately when I tested positive around week 4.. hinted my direct boss on week 8.. week 9 for my mil because she insisted to come over our place for weekly staycay while I just started my 3 weeks horrible MS.. week 12 for my own family and colleagues/bosses, after FTS.. a few close friends around week 15-16.. after week 20 detailed scan will share with more friends because want to ask for hand down items 😅

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I told my husband first around 4 weeks (the moment I got positive), a few friends around 5 weeks. They asked me about my progress at that time during lunch. Somehow I couldn't lie. So I told them. Then around 8 weeks, I told my family and MIL. But I didn't share it on social media. I only shared when somebody asks me directly or they’d just find out by seeing my bump or from seeing my WA profile photo. Hehe

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After I saw polyclinic and was tested positive, we told our immediate family and my direct superiors as my job involved physical work. After seeing gynae for the first time and ensuring everything is fine. Just nice it was 12 weeks then slowly spread to friends.

I told my direct, parents, parents-in-law and sisters. Also told a few colleagues, mainly my reporting officer and a few who works very closely with me. This is so that I can avoid carrying heavy stuff at work. Not intending to tell anyone else until 2nd trim

I told my immediate family and best buddy. The rest, I am not planning to announce at any trimester until my belly obviously shows in my photos. haha If they know, they know kind of thing.

i told my immediate family after my 1st gynae appointment at 7weeks .. the rest of ny family and friends, at 21weeks .. :)

I told my friends at week 16 for first pregnancy and at week 20 for second pregnancy.

We shared the pregnancy news to close friends and family after 10 weeks

told my immediate family members and a few of my close friends

We didn’t tell anyone until 20w.