Can i ask, im currently down with fever flu and sore throat. GP prescribe me with normal paracetemol, chlorpheniramine and lozenges. Is it ok to take? Im currently 16 weeks pregnant. Drank lots of water and honey lemon already but doesnt seems to help.

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Should be fine to take the medication. If possible and you have there pure and safe essential oils, diffuse it to clean the air, especially the flu viruses. Lemon oils is good enough. Side note, not all essential oils suitable during pregnancy period,do check before use. If you wish to know more about the essential oils, can just let me know. Wish you get well soon! :)

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Yep those are safe.. I’m 26 weeks and doc said it was ok for me to take normal Panadol when I had a bit of headache.. it’s also probably good for you to get some multivitamins or vitamin C to boost your immune system..

Normal paracetamol and lozenges are fine, have not heard about the other medication but GP should know to prescribe pregnancy safe medication (you could call your gynae to check out)

Yup it’s ok to take! The GP would get aware of which medications are suitable for pregnant women so don’t worry. Take care and get well soon!

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Highlight to your gp that you are pregnant. They dun dare to give you other than paracetamol. But honey is fine thou, cause they are natural.

Hi i did take these med during my preg. The GP would have taken ur pregnancy into consideration when they prescribe the med so no worries :)

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While pregnancy can take paracetamol is ok .. nothing harm In it .. Docs also suggest mild medication this time , so don’t worry abt it

I took for flu during 1st tri for my 2nd preg and last tri in my 1st preg prescribed by gynae. Took for 3 to 4 days coz cant recover well


yes GP should be aware which medications are safe to consume & which are to be avoided. do sleep more & drink more water.

All three types of meds are safe for pregnant women, you can do a quick check on Google to see for yourself