Hello, im 18 weeks 3 days pregnant and currently having a mild fever and sore throat.. work in a clinic asked for my doctor for medication eg lozenges, fever med.. but was told the medication at work is not suitable for pregnant lady.. what should i do? Do i go for other gp clinic??? Whole body is aching ?

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Me too 18weeks preggy suffering from sore throat, I take strepsils since it's safe for preggy, and I gargle bactidol. Now my throat is painless but still on process of healing. Just drink alot warm water and stay hydrated. Avoid sweets.

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Homemade salted honey lemon works very well for me when i am having these symptoms

same tau 18 weeks and 3 days preggy momshh ang akin naman allergys buong katawan ko meron na at subrang kati pa 😪😭

8mo ago

Ako din meron nyan sis 18weeks and 5days ako today ang dami n sa likod dmi ko malalaking pimples sa muka.

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Same po s akin, kaso kanina uminom aq ng gatas sinuka q lng tas kumain ng kanin, nilabas q dn lahat tas ngpoopoo aq watery. Kumain n lng aq isang saging para makatake aq ng vitamins. SKit n tn ulo at lalamunan q kaka ubo.

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10mo ago

I'm 18 weeks preggy, I'm coughing so hard my throat is very dry. This morning around 5 am i drink milk then i vomited all, then i got diarrhea, then i eat a little bit of rice and soup about 9am, i vomited everything i eat. So now I don't know what to do. Im scared that it will affect my baby.

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im 18 weeks pregnant and t started to have sorethroat yesterday, ive made a hot water with lemon and calamansi. so far it is effective for me but i also stared to have colds hopefully it will not worse

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nilagayang luya. supper effective 😊

9mo ago

Bawal daw po ang nilagang luya sa buntis

Hi there , for fever paracetamol is generally save to consume during pregnancy. As for ur sore throat, i suggest u drink hot honey lemon (not too much honey please as it will worsen ur sore throat).

I'm also having sore throat for weeks now. I am drinking warm water and honey lemon for it but it doesnt seem to work since I still have it.

Cetirizine is safe and actually antibiotics if necessary. However, we don’t know about your health history/allergy so better take mummies’ advices here for general reference only and go to another doc or your gynae, mummy.

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Go to another clinic. I work in healthcare as well and im seeing other GP for pregnancy safe medication... best to ask frm gynae if u have an appointment coming up.