sore throat

hi mommy, is there any remedy for sore throat except for honey lemon n salt water? csn i eat pi pa gao? heard from doc that the blackcurrent lozenges from GP must take with cautious.. need help thanks!

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All my doctor’s told me I cannot take lozenges AT ALL. Not safe for pregnancy! Better check with your GP again. Don’t anyhow take. I took a lot of honey. Normally pregnant that time your immune system is a bit lower so recovery will take longer. Just need to have some patience. After you recover, start taking as many multivitamins, vitamin C as possible. Once I did that, I never fell sick again

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for me is just drink lots of warm water haha

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Best to avoid. I took honey instead

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Honey or abit of pei pa gao is fine

Try the watermelon frost

I think better don’t

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Honey is gd

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Pi pa gao