Covid positive

Currently down with covid and 23 weeks pregnant. Gynae gave green signal to take lonzenges, yellow flu tablet and normal panadol for fever, flu and sore throat. I am still having cough and flu. Any natural remedies that i can look into to cure cough and flu?

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Hi mummy, I had covid when i was just a few weeks pregnant. My doctor advised to put a teaspoon of honey in hot water and drink it for cough remedy. It personally helps, for me. Maybe you can try it too! Get well soon dear! 🤗✨

just continue taking those meds when u need them and remember, some people have long covid after tested negative. After a while, I just stop taking the meds and let it ride. I was coughing 2-3 weeks after tested negative.

I got Covid in my 21st week 3 weeks ago. Ginger tea helped me with my phlegmy cough. Take lots of water and rest loads. Get well soon!

I am not familiar with natural remedies .. But I want to wish you a speedy recovery. God bless you and your baby.

Manuka Honey helped instantly every night for dry cough . I got the brand Comvita.