34weeks pregnant. and my left back pain too painful

I am 34weeks pregnant. And my left back pain too painful. I can barely turn left to really sleep. Is normal panadol safe to take for now? To reduce the pain so i can sleep on my left side. Help..

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I have this problem too. Few suggestions you can try, buy those huge U shaped long pillow (called the maternity pillow) it does help but it pretty big in size and might get abit warm if you dont sleep in aircon room. Do some simple basic yoga stretches. you can easily find them on youtube. Go to a professional maternity masseur to help you temporarily ease the pain. Im also at my 34th week and tried all of them. It will temporarily aid your back problem and you'd just need to switch them around. Easier said then done but bare with it.. its gonna end soon!!

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Maybe try to sleep on your right side? I'm not sure if the painkillers will help for back pain. I'm at 34 weeks too, and I have upper back and shoulder pain. Went for prenatal massage, and it seems to help a bit. I also got a maternity pillow to help support the tummy and legs. Other than those big U-shaped pillows, Mothercare also sells wedge pillow for supporting the bump only.

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Yes paracetamol is fine If the left side is too painful (happened to me too), lie on your right for a while first. Gravity will bring the baby towards the right, so the pulling pain will improve a bit, then you can turn to the left after that. If someone can give you a massage that will help too

Panadol wouldn't really help with the pain! Go for a Prenatal massage it helps alot. Or you can ask your husband to help you if he knows the basic of massage

Hi, Do try prenatal massage for back pain as it is really helpful. Also, please check with your gynae if they can provide any medication for this


do check with your gynae before taking any medication. maybe you can go for prenatal massage, i zzz so much better after my massage

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Panadol is fine but do consult your gynaecologist if the pain becomes unbearable take care!

Normal paracematol should be fine .