Can’t sleep on the left.

I am 20 weeks this week and I have not been able to sleep on my left side for the past 3 weeks. It is painful and sleeping on the right side for a long time gives me the sciatica nerve pain on my buttocks, hips and legs. So turning to the left side becomes futile. I have already bought the U shaped pillow and the side pillow. Both doesn’t help. Anyone has this problem?

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Recommended on the left, but if you can’t, so long as it’s comfortable for you. The nerve pain will comes and go, so when it’s gone you can try sleeping on left again. For now, don’t force it if you can’t. ☺️

Yeah me too! For me I tried walking around more in the day time helps sciatic pain a lot! Lying down during lunch time works for me too! Hope you feel better soon!

I'm 19 week I also having same problem sleep on left side or right side difficult to sleep ,I just sleep awhile on my back.even put pillow doesn't work at all😭

i'm experiencing this too at 26 weeks. i wear my aulora pants so far it gets better. always switch sides.

9mo ago

Haven’t heard abt aulora pants. Will check it out! Thank you for sharing!

Super Mum

Hey mama, Sorry to hear that you’re not resting well. Have you tried acupuncture or seeing a chiro?

9mo ago

I didn’t know acupuncture is suitable for pregnant ladies. Thank you for enlightening me. looks like it will be my last resort if this goes on.