Rib pain on left side 😩

Hii ladies, isit normal for only my left rib to hurt so badly? Like i can barely sit properly for 3mins without it hurting me... when i laydown it hurts abit too... the pain is just unbearable 😭 helps

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Hi there! I’m due in June too and lower rib pain is common especially if it resolves spontaneously or with changing posture. It’s often because of increased pressure on your ribs due to baby getting bigger or movements of baby. Of course if the pain is persistent and unbearable, please seek medical attention immediately.

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I often got rib pain on my left too during my 2nd trimester! Asked my gynae about it and after checking for me he said it’s normal, just the baby pressing and pain from the pressure. The rib pain stopped after I entered 3rd trim

Hello, i am in the same birth club (June 2024) as you but I did not experience what you’re experiencing. Perhaps it would be better if you can see a doctor to check what happens since the pain is unbearable.

I get that too sometimes when I lie on my left side to sleep too! Changing positions helped me, I haven't been able to ask my gynae yet as I'm waiting for my next appointment!