how to get hospitlization leave ..

i am 26 weeks pregnant & its gettin very hard to sleep at night n gettin up to go to work at 5.30 since my work place is far ??since i have used up all my leave & MC .. can anyone tell me how can i get the HL leave.. getting super desprate already...

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I totally feel u as i am going thru this phase now. getting up at 5am for work which i cannot and used up all my leave and mc.. same. since i used up all my leave and mc my hr asked me why i didnt take HL instead when i ask from kkh gynae says no HL for outpatient even when i told them i have been on unpaid leave since 2 mths ago. so stressful u know. and yes i am desperate in need of HL. any help or suggestion from anyone of u? thank you ladies.

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I know how you feel.. working through pregnancy is not easy, indeed. Your gynae may or may not give you the HL because tiredness and insomnia are not medical complications of pregnancy. I think some may give a couple of days on compassionate grounds, but it won’t be for the rest of your pregnancy. If it’s really hard, would you consider taking NPL?

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I'm seeing a gynae at Mount Alvernia as my mc had been used up. Currently, they will issue HL for you as long as you had inform them that your MC had finished up. But they must be a clinic from the hospital otherwise there wouldn't be any HL.

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Hi may i know which gynae u see in Mount a that gave hl?

just ask ur gynae...unless its from private hospital, they can be quite stingy. my gynae at kkh was very willing to issue me HL. He said 'happy mummy, happy baby, happy delivery'

Can request from gynae. But if you're in public hospital then no chance cos you need to be hospitalised then u will be issued

Ur situation same as me but I am just 15week. My gynae given me HL for 6weeks. So you may request from your gynae :)

I'm not too sure what's your work nature. Otherwise you can try speaking to your boss regarding wfh arrangements?:)

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Do speak to your gynae about your health issues etc. Your gynae will know what's best for you, take care!

I think you need to request from your gynae ask for advise on how can you cope with all the tiredness.

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My gynae issues hospitalization leave instead of MC. You can check with your gynae.