Need help in 1st trimester

Im on my first trimester..feels so tired all day and lazy to go work..Headaches so bad. but my leave and MC is already fully taken up. How can I get HL without being hospitalised??? will the doctor allow me for HL?

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hi everyone 👋 I'm new on here!!! just found out I am pregnant back in Oct (after trying for 6yrs) so it's been a surprise. I am currently a frontline worker (working in ICUs (covid Vs non-covid) on 12h shift duty, and I've been really really tired.. there is no WFH option in my career so idk what to do.. any pregnant frontline workers? I feel so alone.

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2y ago

Dun stress.. I took my booster jab at week 16 so far so good

Fatigue and lazy is very common while pregnant. I totally feel you but gynae will not give you any HL if you are well. Drink lots of water and have enough rest after work and during your off days. Try to have a quick nap during your lunch time.

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Hi dearie, is there a WFH option that you can negotiate with your manager on?