No mood to work at all

I am now in wk 28. Just had a week of unpaid leave last week and back to work just yesterday and i am feeling so tired to go to work the next day. Restless and feel lethargic at work. I hope i can get HL for my next check up. Keep on taking unpaid leave. Its so stressful. How do you all deal with it? Please share. Thank you. #1stimemom #advicepls

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I prolonged my AL by taking half day leaves. I leave at lunch time and go home to rest. After all my AL has been used up, i took unpaid leave. I also used up all my MC. Didnt get an HL from kkh too. Anw, hang in there! You are halfway through.

4y ago

Oh dear.. just like what i am going through now. i dont think so i can manage to leave during lunch time.. dont think so my workplace is as flexible as yours. anw did my check up today and did asked for HL and did explained about my jobscope but again to no avail of getting HL. its a protocol not to give HL for outpatient says gynae. well, what to do. thank you Hazirah, i will!

Discuss with your supervisor/boss to lessen your workload or let you work shorter hours if possible? Hopefully he/she will understand your situation.

4y ago

Ya i know i shouldnt be disheartened but i feel bad for not going to work again and again. i am struggling with it. True depend on gynae too. Will try to request it again Adrianna. Wish me good luck.

Super Mum

u have to tell the gynae how stressful u are and how it is going to affect your pregnancy. take care. I managed to take hl

4y ago

and i will Jjjj. thank you.

U may request from your gynae for HL . I did that during pregnancy .

4y ago

I did tried twice but failed. I did explained about my job and also been using all my mc and leave and now on unpaid leave but still gynae says cannot issue HL if its outpatient. yes i understood if that is their procedure but isnt HL is our entitlement? correct me if i am wrong on this. how you manage to get HL? dont mind me asking ya.

Is there any way you can arrange work from home method?

4y ago

Not at all as my job cant work from home. Requires me to be at workplace. Sigh.