How i can prevent constipation?

Hye moms, this is my first pregnancy and nearly 7-8 weeks my little star been inside me and lately i have a bad constipation. is it normal? i've eat plenty of fruit n drink enough water but still the same... could anyone please suggest me anything ? thank you..

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Hi dear . Try to eat dragonfruit . And avoid milo . Before this i pun constipate sampai nangis2. But i stop mnum milo , and i tried white dragonfruit. Then Alhamdulillah trus senang buang air .

hi sis. try la makan dried prune & make sure xminum milo & any caffeine. truskn je minum air kosong @ jus buah

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Hi sis, boleh cuba panduan ini. Mana tahu berguna:

Same goes with me but I ensure that I eat a lot of fibre and i will consume yogurt every morning.

hye dear., try to eat pear, drink plain water banyak and makan buah jambu batu. 😅

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sure will... tapi lambat lagi check up.. 😂.. tq dear...

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Sama la kita. Dah makan buah banyak, minum air banyak, tapi still sama.

Yup it is normal hahaha bykkan mkn buah or juice plus byk minum air

Try guava... It worked for me...

Its normal.. Drink lots of waterr

makan buah pisang..