Why Must Milk?

Hye guys, everybody suggest i should drink milk because it is good for my baby but the problem is i cannot stand drinking milk and i can't even saw milk for sure i will vomit.. So mommies out there, please be nice to me.. Any suggestion for these milk problem? Yes for sure i worry about nutrition for my baby?

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ok. you are like me. 1st what I do is I try to find milk that are suitable for me. it doesn't have to be maternity milk, those boxed/bottled fresh milk and flavoured one also can said my nurse. as long as you are getting the calcium that you need for you and your growing baby inside of you. if you can't find any that are suitable, my SIL who is a doctor adviced me to consume foods or drinks that are high in calcium such as soy, cheese, yoghurt, green veggies, nuts, anchovies (ikan bilis). that should be enough. if that also not enough, you could ask your doctor to prescribe you with calcium pills during your routine check up.

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Hi u can try taking calcium tablet as they are more concentrated in providing the calcium u need. Try to take as early as possible as yr baby is not only absorbing frm the food u consume, but also frm yr body. U might find yr bone density reduce n that could lead to osteoporosis

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when i pregnant for my 2st baby, i cant stand milk. i drink milk i will throw up or sometimes i got migrain. doc prescribe me calsium pill. i took that but even pill also i got dizzy but still ok than migrain.

how about flavoured milk?? if u still can tolerate with any milk, try some high calcium food or drinks.. calcium tablet also highly recommended..

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hehe.. xpe dear.. kita try apa yg rs kita boleh terima sbb tekak time preggy ni mmg extra ordinary. haha.. btw, kalau kurg kalsium, gusi mudah berdarah.. utk sesetgh ibu lah. kalau sis nak consume any other supplements / multivitamins slain dr yg klinik kasi, kene rujuk Dr dlu ye. hehe. enjoy your 9 minths journey Mommy😊😊

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Im having the same issue