Breastmilk For Donation

Hi, I have 4 bags x 150ml (frozen, dated 4/4/19) and 8 bottles x 150ml (fresh, dated 18-20/4/19) breast milk for donation. My going to be 4th month baby girl is drinking less in the day time now so everyday I will have surplus and I prefer to give her fresh milk instead of freezing it. So for mummy who needs it, please whatsapp me at 01126295478. My location is somewhere near Old Klang Road. Note: I am a healthy, eating healthy, no drinking, no smoking and still taking my prenatal supplements and milk.

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maybe u can give ur baby a milk bath. i read some articles its good for baby. try google breastmilk bath.or go to hospital/clinic kesihatan/kebajikan and ask if they accepts breastmilk donation.normally for babies that kena buang need it.