My husband wants to change his career paths but I don't think it's a good idea because we have kids and our home to take care of. He's really unhappy with his job but I think he should be more responsible. Should I prioritize his happiness and support him or tell him to do the responsible thing?

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I've been through the same thing. We've argued about it for how many months. I was also pregnant with our second child that time but he didn't even bother. The only thing important to him that time was to quit his job because he's unhappy anymore. I wasn't able to control him. He left his job even before I gave birth so obviously I shouldered all the expenses for the succeeding months. If he has a clear career path that he wants to take, maybe it's fine. But if none, better convince him to have a concrete plan first before leaving his current job.

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Sis, I think, it's better to give him a chance to look for other job / career. But make sure he'll only leave his present work if he gets a new one already. Just for security. Letting him stay at the job that he doesn't want will affect his performance. It might lead to demotion or wven worst, dismissal.

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Ma'm, Why hold him back? If he's unhappy with his job and he is suggesting to change his career, it would be best if you support him no matter what. It's very hard to live everyday with the same job you hate. it is like killing yourself slowly. but it's just my opinion though.

like my husband he wants to quit on his job but someone told him to take a 10-15days leave and go to vacation with his family.. maybe he's just suffocated on his work.

always support your husband like how he supports you and your kids ... you should talk things thru with him and decide together what’s good for your family.

Your husband's happiness is his priority. By all means, let him find his happiness, but dont let him neglect family matters.