My husband is very firm he doesnt want a second child. He finds taking care of our first very stressful. My baby is only 8 weeks old. Will my husband ever change his mind or is he dead set. Because when I talk to him he seems very firm.

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I am like your husband. I am determined not to have second one one I delivered my first because I had an emergency c sect and baby was a fussy one. My husband also cherish the hope I will change my mind and I did on a few occasions thought it will be good for my gal to have a sibling but after I thought of the pain and taking care of her I got scared again. So I don't think I will ever change my mind. But for your husband he doesn't have to worry as much about the pain and I am sure the taking care is mostly you who is doing it so perhaps he will change his mind. Especially when your baby gets easier to manage and can play on her own, he will think your baby needs company. A lot of my friends' husband and in fact some friends initially did not want to have second one but after seeing how lonely the first one is they change their minds so don't give up hope yet!!

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Chillax about talk of having a second child! During the early weeks of parenting with so much to do and tired etc, it can be overwhelming for a lot of people and I totally understand anyone who might think they don't want anymore of it. Ideas and circumstances change, maybe in the future he will want? Maybe in the future u will don't want? Very hard to say too right. Just enjoy the moment now with ur baby. Sometimes it will just end up as a bigger age gap

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Honestly 8 weeks is eay toooooooo early sweetheart. At 8 weeks its insane for hubby. Especially being a new dad. Cheer up and enjoy your moments with your first born. Also i temd to feel that men are like babies as well. They get jealous too you know. Haha. So as a new dad he too will need lots of love and assurance that his wifs is still there. That said, oh men never will admit it.

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dont think too much mummy! take care of yourself first. things may change. both my husband and i had an agreement. We would love to have one but sometimes its really not up to us. there are many factors. we are okay with just one. but if we are blessed with another one, we are happy too. this wont happen fast. probably few years later.

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6y ago

My husband also didnt want second child initially but when our baby starts to grow, he adores her so much that he have a change of mind. Wells, maybe wait till when baby start school and he realize how expensive the education fee in Singapore, he will change his mind again to have second child lol

8weeks is way to early to say stop at 1kid. My husband also want to stop at 1kid, but I insist to have no2. When no1 grow older, he/she will b lonely. They need a sibling to play n communicate with. Don just stop at 1kid. E more e merrier. The house can fill with kid laughter.

Don't worry.. same like mine.. now I have #2. Just wait.. my #1 hugged statues and think they are best friends so I showed him that if don't have #2, then she will be hugging statues. He changed his mind and now we have #2. Wait when you 1st is 2 years old. Don't pester him.

I guess he will change his mind. You may ask him again at the right time, I believe timing is everything. Meantime you just enjoy being new parents to your little bundle of joy. Congratulations :)

8 weeks is really early talking about next kid. I am 8 months post partum, and as a Mum even I am not ready to discuss a second kid. Cut him some slack

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8 weeks is too early. Don't think about it. As your child grow he will see different stage and it might change his mindset . No worries about that

My husband also! In fact on one hand I want but on the other also scared. Had a traumatic labour. Maybe give it more time.. it will get better.