My husband thinks I prioritize other things but not having sex with him. He thinks I spend too much time "wasting time" reading or surfing and I can spend that time being intimate with him. But that's not true. Whether I am up surfing or not I am not going to be having sex with him. I am just not in the mood and I can't "force" myself to have sex when I am not in the mood. Now he's giving me big time attitude because of it which makes me want to have sex even less with him. Any advice on this?

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When I'm not into the mood but he is, I still don't mind having sex with my husband but I will make him do most of the work. Hahaha! So he takes charge and I just lie down there, doing minimal work. However, I'll make sure he is not making love to a dead log so I will still reciprocate by kissing or touching him back. Men being men, they still have their needs. So don't turn him away too often, else the marriage will be in serious problem if he turns elsewhere to get his satisfaction.

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I always want to cuddle with my man, but it would always turn him on. 😂 Like i will tell him I want to lay with him then I would start to hug and kiss him..he would respond but afterwards he will get up and say "Nope! Nope! I know what you're doing. Turning me on, but dont have plan of really doing it with me"😂 He would understand if I dont want to, which is unfair for him..because I am always throing a tantrum and fight when he doesn't want to do it with me..

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Since my wife gave birth to the second child, her urge drops. Of course I am disappointed but I try to accept it and think it may also due to her work stress. If I need to release and she doesn't want, I help myself.

3y ago

No site, use imagination. Site is for novice, the youngsters. 😂 No point quarrel, one has to give in. 😔Haha, my wife is not afraid I will betray her even she is aware there are few women like me. I don't hide things from her. 😁

what makes you not want to have sex? Recently delivered? Busy looking after kids? Sex is one of the needed things in a marriage couple. Sex helps you two to bond.

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Don't be surprised when he's finally getting sex from his younger co-worker. Doesn't sound like you're giving him much sympathy anyway. ;)

4y ago

As a man, there’s really many outlets to satisfy this need other than obtaining from the wife. Knowing he’s deprive of it, you should try to compromise and protect the marriage.

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how long have you two abstain from sex? It's a sad truth but sex is one of the key things in making the relationship move or work better.

I also dont want to have sex with my husband during my entire pregnancy. Lucky for me, he understand me and stop when i say no. 😊

Is there anything that is stopping you? Men are still men they have their needs. Just like us women we often need affection and men need sex.

Sex is needed. When there is no sex for no reason it spells trouble.

Put it in the calendar. Try to do it atleast once a month