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My husband and I are shuttling between my house and his house while waiting for our own flat. Now that I'm expecting, both sets of parents want to take care of my baby when it's born. What should I do? There doesn't seem to be any good solution that will make both sides happy... Stressed~

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That's great to hear that both sides are so willing to offer help! However, it might be a wiser option to choose one place to settle down because babies (especially newborns and infants) need the sense of security and shuffling here and there may not be very good :/ Some things you could consider would be their parenting methods vs yours, health and living conditions, environment, space and convenience etc - depending on whether you'd be doing confinement/working, there are many factors you need to think about before choosing which side you'd like to stay :) After that, you can then talk to both sides on your decision and make compromises here and there - eg. You could stay at your family's side and bring your child to visit your husband's on the weekends (or vice versa), or maybe see if both sides are even willing to work together (eg. your parents could go to your in-laws when they need help) etc.

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I used to bring my first baby to both sides in the mornings (Mon to Wed - my parents; Thu to Fri - in-laws) until he turned 18m and went to childcare. There were no available infant care facilities near our house at that time. For my second baby, the grandparents kindly came over to our house instead of us going over. I had a helper at that time too. But it is tiring for both sets of grandparents, so I put my second one in the newly opened infant care at 12m.

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Thanks Mabel for the wonderful suggestion - I guess pregnancy has stunted my ability to think out of the box.. it's a happy problem actually when my baby gets so much love. It's just that it'll not be easy having to shuttle baby around with us too. Will think of a way out! Thanks for your kind advice - much appreciated!

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Wow, that is so nice of them :) You definitely can do with extra help as you get use to the new routine and ensure enough rest for you to recuperate. Maybe can have them take care 3 days each or per week basis?

Thank you all for your insights and suggestions - I'd not have thought of all these myself. My problem is not so insurmountable now. :)

Sorry I don’t have suggestions or solutions but this is a very good problem to have. 🤰🏻🤱🏻🤷🏻‍♀️🏠🏠

They could take turns on weekends. It’s probably the best solution for now.