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I'm really pissed off with my MIL. Firstly she has caused so much of problems between me and my husband with her drama and bullshit throughout my whole relationship with him. Right now I'm 5 months pregnant.. Currently staying in a rental room while waiting for our house.. She rejected us moving back there so that we can save more money and even offered to pay her instead. She mentioned that she does not care for me or the baby and inform to my husband that only he is allowed to come back to her house and if he insists of bringing me I must not eat after 9pm. Really ridiculous so my mum took us in to live with her in her 2 room flat which I'm truly grateful for. After my husband broke the news to her that we are expecting a baby girl she told him how excited she was and cnt wait to buy stuff for the baby. How pissed I am like you cannot diss the parents and pretend like nothing happen yet want to be a part of the baby's life. What do you mummies think? Is it right for me to not let her be part of my daughter's life as since day 1 she has always been so toxic.

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My MIL hasnt said the most pleasant things to me. I can even recount on every special occasions like when we broke the news that I'm expecting or during CNY, etc, she even said brainless s*** that hurts me. I am glad we didnt have to stay with her. She dote on her only grandchild, yes, but she also talks nonsense to the baby so i don't like her to be around.

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Not staying together with her indeed is a very good thing then. And once your house is ready, do invite her sometimes, not too often. U will be very busy and feel very contented with your baby around, husband and your own family, by that time i dont think u will bother about her drama.. lol

Her attitude is total Rubbish. I'll be verrryyy reluctant to let her be close to baby. "Excited" my foot!! Now then wanna he excited lah?! Haiyoooh. It's better to be distant rather than getting heartaches.

Yah if it’s me I will not let her see my LO. We are human and not their baby machine, what makes them think that grandchild is family and DIL can just ditch aside?

Who knows what rubbish she will say to your child whenever you aren’t around. I’ll absolutely avoid letting her be in contact with my lo.

hughug. If tis happened to me I will not let her to see my gal

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Relax... pissed off is bad for your child.. smile moree