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This have been asked a few times before but wondering if anyone has similar situation as me. As I will be returning to work in a month, my MIL who is a retiree, has agreed to take care of our baby. She is currently staying at our house and mainly helps out with the house chores like laundry, cleaning the house and cooking. I do them as well whenever I can as I do not want her to feel like she’s a helper here but sometimes my hands are just not as free as I have to coax the baby. Other than that, she’s just sitting around and free to do her own stuff like watching shows from day to late night. On weekends, my husband will be around so she does not really have to do much. She doesn’t have to cook as we will buy back or bring her out along to eat or she’ll be out for her own plans. She does not have to spend anything for the house nor the baby. As I’m on shift work and my husband has days when he’s wfh, actually my MIL will just have to take care of our baby for half a day on the weekdays. She’s just asked for allowance for taking care of the baby. Anyone able to advise the comfortable amount? Thank you! :) #1stimemom #advicepls

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My dad gave his mil $2K for 2 kids per month. But I think $1K should be alright otherwise try to work out your budget and discuss with your mil. :)

4mo ago

Thank you for your advice! :)