Having sex after giving birth

When did you have sex after giving birth to your baby? How if baby is sleeping with you? Or baby cot is in your room? Thanks!

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6 to 8 weeks, get your gynae to confirm when it is okay since your cervix has to be closed to reduce the risk of infection. You need lubricant to help. Usually we put her on the bed and build a "wall" made of blankets or just put her on her changing table with a mobile so she is distracted. Daddy and me do not like her staring. Otherwise if baby is asleep, try to do it as quietly as possible in other position that does not require too much shaking of the bed lol

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3 weeks after I give birth. Pity my husband. I also dont like the idea of him watching porn and jacking off to those lesbian porn etc😂😂 I can entertain him using my way. Our baby sleep on his own bed. Usually we do it when he's asleep.

2 weeks after. I had a normal delivery and recover really fast. Normally... doctor would recommend after 1-2 months. it really depends on you... if you’re pp blood has stopped and everything else healed. You’re good to go

If baby sleep on our bed, we have sex at the other room or even the living room, toilet etc. Anywhere in the house oso we can do so long as we dont have sex in front of baby. Haha.

I dont like the idea of it too but since m staying w in laws so we can only do when baby is sleeping at night

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after my pp blood stopped, which is 2 months later. and baby is sleeping at night w me.

almost 2 months pp, still havent 😂

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After 3months