When your not in the best mood for today ...

Would you like to have someone to be your listening ear? Or be there in personal for the support you need? 😢 Share with us how you would like that person to react during this situation.

When your not in the best mood for today ...
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just listen. no need for advice or opinion. sometimes all one need is just a listening ear. as humans we tend to rush in to give opinions/replies/solution or talk when we forgot that maybe one alrdy knew all that but he or she just needed to rant. maybe theres no one there and they needed attention or maybe there are ppl around but they listen to give opinion and judgement instead so one tends to just, keep it inside. just listen, with an open mind.

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Isn't both about the same. Anyway, I am always thankful my partner is always there for me and be my listening ear. And I do the same for him♥️♥️

Just be there with me, even in silence. I don’t necessarily need comforting words but just knowing that someone has my back

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Someone who’ll listen and empathise. If it’s my husband, then to hug me tightly too

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Acknowledge the current emotion. Then give quiet time.

Words of comforts are the best with no judgement

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A warm hug and comforting words from my Husband

Play with Kid like a kid to change the mood


Hug and love from hub and get me my foods.

Alone time, hubby listen to me and sleep