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Does a toddler should eat Jeelly Chocolates??

there are many jelly chocolates in the shops and tolddlers mostly attract to it. Does this is good for their health?
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We should allow our little one to try a variety of food in moderation. Do not encourage your child to eat sweets or any other food excessively.

how to explain 5 yrs old child for his/her question for who created air/fire/water/earth?

This question is ask by my son and i given answer that everything is created by GOD but he is not satisfying. can you pls give some logical reasoning for it; which he can understand?
The best way is to answer scientifically. Your 5 year old is old enough to understand the big bang and creation of the universe. It will be easier for you to explain because then, you would have all t

How to get school realted information from 5 Yrs kid?

I am mostly away from my family in weekdays and meet my kid on weekends. So my kid does not share school related info. with me over cell phone. How to get the information from him?
Talk to him face to face while you are with him is a good way to build up a relationship with your kid

What is the good growth of weight of a 5+yrs kid?

My son is having good weights. He is completely active but I have issue with his weight. can pls someone advise?
The average weight for a 5-year-old boy is about 16 kg