Are you okay with this?

Tell us how you'll react to this if your husband actually would do this ?

Are you okay with this?
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Super Mum

It’s normal to notice attractive people, regardless of gender. It’s what you think or do after that that matters.

Humans are visual beings .. it’s ok to notice I feel .. they only can see anyway. Eye candy as they say?

Super Mum

Normal bah, sometimes he will still ask me that girl pretty or not. At times i do see cute guys too lol.

Yes, my husband and I get each other to look when we sees or find someone attractive.

it’s ok to appreciate beauty but having any wild thoughts is a separate matter.

Is it okay to notice other attractive men when you’re married? How bout that.

Normal, I will even ask him to look when I see pretty girls. 😂😂😂

I’ll be sacarstic and ask him if she’s prettier than me 🌚

Is normal. I told my wife whenever I saw someone attracticve.

i think that is fine.. it's wrong when you act on it though