Teeth brushing chore

Would like to ask how often do you brush your LO's teeth? Does your LO need someone to hold him/her and another person brush the teeth? Do you use toothpaste? If yes what brand?

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How old is your LO? We use a thin wash cloth to clean the gums before bath once a day since newborn to get bb used to it. Then we used the Pigeon toothbrush set progressively according to the months. No need to have another person hold. Just sit baby on lap as we sit on a stool beside bath tub. When LO shows interest to brush by themselves, and can stand, we just let them have their way to stand while we brush or they brush themselves. No toothpaste till about 2yo when LO can spit water first, so they know how to spit the toothpaste. We use a variety of brands like Elgydium, Darlie Kids, Kodomo, etc.

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My girl hates to open her mouth for me to clean her teeth or gums. She’s 10m+ now. I try to wait until she is in a good mood then I clean. I make her lie down while I cradle carry her. I brush for her once in the morning and evening.

my LO brushes his teeth every morning and night. he's almost 3yo. he brushes on his own first then I will follow up. I am using a normal soft kids tooth brush and Young Living kidscents toothpaste as he only likes this.

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i clean my LO's gum since birth. my girl, 2.5yo brushes teeth herself and i help her follow up after that. i got pigeon brushes when she had first teeth. toothpaste i use sanfluos. now she uses elgydium

If your child hates using a brush, then you can try sweeping the teeth and gums with clean wet gauze and a dab of toothpaste. how old is your LO?

How old is your LO?