Teeth for lo’s age

How old is your lo now and how many teeth does he/she have? Does he/she bite your nipples during bf-ing? Mine is 9 months old and she has 5 - 3 on the upper gum and 2 below. My girl bites mine and my leftie already has a cut. I’m considering weaning her off bf, how can I do it?

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Hey mummy! Wow your LO has so many teeth!! I can't imagine the pain!!!! Haha.. my baby is 9 months old too, only 1 teeth out and another just cutting through her gums now.. both on the bottom.. Yes she bites my nipple too during breastfeeding! Omg so pain!!!!! Argh!! Each time she bites I'll scold her and say no! Then I won't let her latch for a while.. repeatedly.. she seems to understand.. she stopped biting me after she realized that she's not getting any milk if she keeps biting. but once a while, she gives me a cheeky smile and starts biting again but not with full strength to see my reaction..

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Mine at 21 mo. About 12 teeth. Initially she bit me very hard to see my painful expression. Scolded her and stopped latching when she bit. Eventually she stopped biting. Its still painful when she latches at times due to the teeth but bearable.