Baby bites during breastfeeding.

My 9 month old baby started biting me while breastfeeding. He already has 3 teeth, and she bites and laughs. how to stop it without stopping breastfeeding?#breastfeed 😭

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Super Mum

Oh gosh, i remember that!! so painful! I would stop breastfeeding and told baby not to bite and if he still continues. I will stop completely, wait 30min then resume. Even if baby laughs, you're doing the right thing by stopping the feeding and firmly telling her “no” when she bites. Wait at least 30 minutes to start back up or end the nursing session completely, so baby gets the message that biting doesn't get rewarded with food.

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Oh no.. I remembered mine was on 2 days nursing strike when I screamed out of pain!. Couldn’t control seriously😭. Guilt)Got her latch on after 2days of begging, comforting and patting her. 🥶 she stopped biting eventually after the horror moment for both of us. Some mummies suggest a hard pinch on the nose bridge will release the bites. U may try.

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