No teeth at 14 months

My baby is a preterm baby born at 33rd week ,now she is 14 months old(actual age) she almost hit all the milestones ,she started walking 2 months before and started speaking also like 5,6 words and understands everything,abut she still have no teeth yet,my mom used to say that i have my first teeth on my 20 months but i do all activities .has anyone experienced this before? Her hair and nails are growing too fast but no teeth,pls reply mommies

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My 13 months old yet to grow teeth, cant speak words like mama papa eat etc, cant walk yet. We did ask doctor upon her milestones check up but that's normal some kids up till 20 months old. Some baby progress can be fast, some can be slow. So take it easy. Unless they show other sign of slow development like autism, adhd etc then you can quickly go for review.

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