12 months 5 days not a single teeth is out. Im panicking

My boy is 1 yr and 5 months old and not a single teeth is out yet where my fren her son already have 2-3 teeth at 9 months. I feel worried . What do i do? Do i need to worry? Some say its fine some say at certain age no teeth its not a good sign?

12 months 5 days not a single teeth is out. Im panicking
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Hey there! It's totally normal for babies to start teething at different times, so there's really no need to panic. Some kids will get their first tooth as early as 4 months, while others might not see one until they're well over a year old. It's important to remember that every child is different and develops at their own pace. If your boy is 1 year and 5 months old and still doesn't have any teeth, it's perfectly okay. You can try giving him some cold teething toys or a clean, wet washcloth to chew on to help soothe his gums. You can also gently massage his gums with a clean finger. If you're concerned, feel free to consult with your pediatrician just to ease your worries. Remember, it's all part of the natural process of growing up, and there's nothing to be worried about. Trust that your little one will have those pearly whites when the time is right. Just keep giving him lots of love and care, and everything will fall into place. Hang in there, mama! https://invl.io/cll6she

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i used to panic too because babies ard me are growing teeth at least at 8 months. my girl grew hers at 12 months. try not to stress it out okay. i've heard babies not growing their teeth even at 14 months. hope your boy's teeth comes out soon!

Hi mummy, every child is different in their pace of growth. If ure worried, do check with ur PD