I suspect my Daughter has a sucking issue. Seems like she does not suck well. But she does breastfeed well. I’m teaching her to take the bottle but she does not know how to suck. She just bites on it. I’m stress, I’m going back to work soon. I’ve been trying for a month already but it is not working. Can I bring her to polyclinic to check?

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There could be some nipple confusion happening because it actually takes them more effort to latch directly than to drink from a bottle - which is also kinda why some babies get used to a bottle and then stop latching because "there's an easier way out" for them. Having said that, you might need to trial and error with several different kinds of bottles - and also get someone else to help you feed her with the bottle, ideally the person who would be feeding her when you're at work. Reason being, they are smart kids so seeing you around = mummy's around = milk is around = if I don't drink well from this, mummy will still feed me!

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Hi mummy. Your baby is just exploring the new texture. Just be patient. For an afternoon feed, just let her play with the bottle without offering to breastfeed. She will figure it out.

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Thanks but it has been a month that I’m trying. I really hope she can drink from the bottle. Plus she vomits as well

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Did you try giving other bottles? If you have tried it and it doesn't work, maybe can feed using a cup? You can bring her to the polyclinic if you are really concern.

How old is she now? Maybe you can try a softer teat with ease of flow (extra one more hole) so she doesn't have to use to much effort? Don't give up!

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Did you try other bottles? U can try pigeon the teats are soft & smooth texture. Though i’m using medela. U can try medela bottles too 😊