My daughter is 4 months and weighs 6kg at 64cm. She is bottle fed ebm in the day and direct latches at night. Usually she takes 4 - 5 bottles of 100ml at every 2-3 hrly. But lately she doesn't want to drink. She barely finishes 3 bottles in the day. She has 2 bottom teeth and can already roll over so doc says she's fast for her age. But her feeding habits really worries me. What can I do get her to feed properly again ?

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a lot of babies go through this phase where they suddenly start drinking less milk than they otherwise did. both my children also went through it. also, since you mentioned your baby already has started teething, it is possible that she is teething, and hence drinking less due to discomfort. you can keep massaging her gums through the day to ease any pain, swelling or discomfort. also, don't force her to feed. let her take her time and drink when she is comfortable.

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Sometimes it could be because of her teeth that is growing and causes discomfort for her. Don't worry, she will be back to normal real soon. This is part of growing up.

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6y ago

Should I put teething gel to ease her discomfort?

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could be teething phase at the moment. Try applying some teething gel to help her w the pain so she can feed properly.