How old did you start solids for your baby? What are some of the recommended solids to introduce at the beginning? Thanks!

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Generally, at six months is when most parents will introduce solids to babies. Purees of vegetables and fruits seem to be a popular choice. Sweet potato and carrot combo is a fave with my friends. This article has all the basics you should know for introduction of solid foods :)

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i started when my baby was 5m+. and i would suggest you to start with something bland first. like rice and vegetables puree. only then you can introduce fruit puree. slowly slowly introduce something which have taste to them.

i started my baby on solids around the end of the 6th month. some of the first foods i gave my kids were boiled and mashed apples, bananas, boiled and mashed potatoes, very soft boiled rice and even fresh fruit purees.

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I put a little cereal in with the milk about 2 months and then went to stage 1 around 4 months but you want your child to have more of your breast milk or formula then baby foods.

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no never us cereal at two months..they are still learning to suck on bottle are you trying to choke ur baby.. because it can happen

I started my son on solids at 4 months as he was not getting full from the milk he was drinking and slowly introduced mashed veggies

I started the day she turned 6 months. I started off with avocado + BM, pumpkin, apple, pear and many other fruits/vegs puree.

I started my boy at 4 months old. Not a full meal, i merely did the introduction of food.

avocados and bananas were my baby’s favorites; they’re also easy to scrape or smash

6 months , I went on a weaning course and it opened up my eyes alot