Starting solids

When did you start solids and how did you know to start?

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We started towards the end of 5th month, when she has strong neck and head support and able to sit with support. We gave her cerealac rice cereal with milk to start off. Slowly, we introduced fruit/veg puree and then porridge.

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When baby was 5 month plus. Started with two three spoon of soft steamed pumpkin, carrot and potato from ABC soup. Mashed it before feeding and add some soup to make it runny


I started when baby turn 5 month old with rice cereal added to breast milk then slowly into a bowl of rice cereal with bm. Slowly add apple and banana into rice cereal.

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Around 5.5 months. My baby shows interest on food when he see it. He can swallow the food and neck is also stable. Can seat well.

6 months coz baby can sit on his own and doesnt push food out with his tongue anymore

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I started when my girl hit 6months. I did blw, so I started with boiled broccoli.

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5 months. PD’s recommendation since my girl could support her head already.

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Started introducing rice cereal with mashed banana at 6 months onwards.

When they are able to sit upright at around 6 months

6month old. Abit of cereal wit milk