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my baby is only 4 months now, but i am curious. i know that most babies start on solids when they are 6 months. so how do you feed solids and giving the milk? is there a certain time gap between solids and milk? and how do you introduce the solids to your babies? first cerelac then porridge? or is it puree first? just wanna get some thoughts first so i can prepare myself for feeding solids so i dont panic hahahaha #FirstTimeBeingMom

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I started off with fruit and vegetable (spinach, carrot) purée. When they are 6 months, they actually don’t need so much solid, mainly is still drinking milk. I never mix the solid till I let her eat those solid and I know she’s okay with those solid that I gave. Take a look at this - https://www.healthhub.sg/live-healthy/1227/baby-getting-ready-for-solids

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I started puree once a day only a 2-3 spoonful . And graduallly increase