How often do you feed your child (specifically 3 to 4 years old)? Big 3 meals a day or more frequent and small portion meals?

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3meals and + 3 extra milk with extra snacks sometimes

3 meals. And sometimes given her snacks

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3 mains with tea breaks in between(:

3 standard meals for consistency and then 2 snacks in between :)

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breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between(in the evening) I give small nibbles

Three proper meals and maybe one small snack

3 big meal, fastfood,fishball mee and chicken rice.

3 big meals and 2 tea break snack in between! Lots of fruits

I suggest 1 good main meal, 3 to 4 nutritious smaller meals or snacks

3 meals with snacks in between like fruits, nuts etc But also dependent on the appetite and child’s activities. If they are running around whole day and all... perhaps should then also include snacks like fruit yoghurt smoothies, veg and cheese sticks, peanut butter wrap rolls etc

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