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Where to buy paw patrol and other themed picture birthday cakes in SG?
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Carousell! There are many homebakers doing paw petrol cake. Here is one that I like
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You can try bengawan solo. The cake is alright and not so expensive. Hence I always get it for my kids' school celebration. http://www.bengawansolo.com.sg/PDF/pawpatrol.pdf
The Cake Shop. Go visit their website online.
Would you recommend supplements for growth in children? If so which ones and what brands?
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Can try Pnkids or get advice from the Pd. Generally if your child is eating well, it's not necessary to get supplements.
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Try pediasure complete. You can go to their website and request for samples. Let you child try and if she likes it, you can purchase from guardian or ntuc unity.
I give my son supplements for general health. anything in liquid form or gummy bears type. just look for something with Vit A C D, iron, and essential minerals
If the child is eating fine, and putting on weight n meeting milestones, don’t bother about supplements. If the child is extremely fussy about eating and not putting on weight as well, you might want
I am against giving supplements for growth for children thinking about the side effects, these products can cause. I would rather focus on giving the kid variety of balanced diet so that the kid wont
Does your child have constant cough and cold and wheezing? What remedies you use to prevent and cure apart from medication?
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It gets better as they grow older but yes most children do fall sick especially in SG coz of the weather.
lots of fruits, veggies and water.
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Hi... you might wanna try some of the remedies suggested in this article https://sg.theasianparent.com/natural-remedies-for-cough-and-fever
Not a remedy per se but having an air purifier helps and propping his/pillow up, higher as well.
How much active and playful you are with your child after returning from office? Do you get actively involved in their schooling?
Yes my husband will bath baby and spend that 15mins with him. And I'll put baby to sleep. Read books sing songs then feed him and he sleeps.
Frankly no time. By the time we get home we are too tired. Eating becomes a chore. Its just mentally draining
I am very involved with my daughter. I get back from work, have a wash and go down to the playground or swimming with my daughter. We then sit down as a family to have dinner and then she does some re
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No I am not very involved during weekdays. Make up on weekends and quality time, even if it's just 30 mins
To be honest, i barely have time to play with them after work. When im home i have my dinner and after that its almost bedtime. I am pretty strict with their bedtime and usually I will try to squeeze
What are the best activities for a 4 year old child to learn at that age?
Outdoor play
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sports or art
Lots of lots of learning through play. Honestly, play is the best form of learning.
music, sensory play, swimming, reading
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Music , dance, Swimming,skating , sports which ever he interested
How often do you feed your child (specifically 3 to 4 years old)? Big 3 meals a day or more frequent and small portion meals?
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3 mains with tea breaks in between(:
3 standard meals for consistency and then 2 snacks in between :)
breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between(in the evening) I give small nibbles
Three proper meals and maybe one small snack
I will feel him regular 3 meals with small fruits for tea time.