How often do you have health check up for child age over 3 years old?

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There are some booster shots that need to be given once the child is over three years old. Other than that I didn't take my three year old into the doctor unless I needed to -- if she was unwell etc. However I did monitor her weight monthly and her height every two months at home. If I felt there was cause for concern, then I would take her in to see the doctor.

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I have never brought my children for any check ups. Merely only brought them for development assessment. Unless required and advised by the doctor to do so, I feel that there isn't any need at this point of time. However, monitoring of the kids height and weight has always been my practice. This is just to make sure that they are growing well.

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I have only brought my 3 year old toddler for his development assessment and never brought him to any more health checks