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Teenage relationships, universities, hormonal changes, A-levels, or peer pressure, discuss everything here!

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Teacher Loses Job After Telling Kids Santa Claus Isn’t Real

An American teacher will not come back to work this Christmas after telling her class of six- and seven-year-olds that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. According to authorities, the substitute teacher whos
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Why would someone do that!

Secondary Choice

Any comment about Montfort Sec?
If it’s good enough for Mr Heng Swee Keat to give opening speech, it’s good enough for any Singaporean! 😊👌🏼

Milk powder container

Hi mummies any tried n tested recommendation on air tight milk powder storage container?
I buy the enfa tubs and it’s quite airtight

PSLE Results Today!

Best of luck to all parents and children receiving their PSLE results. Another Milestone in life achieved and an opening to a new chapter in life🙏.
Hope everyone is happy with their results!

VivoCity library opening in Jan 2019!

Singapore’s largest shopping mall library is set to open in 2019 in VivoCity. Bukit Merah Public Library will reopen as [email protected] in VivoCity on 12 Jan 2019. The library will be located
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How do we prevent child violent?

I were told by my child form teacher that my 7 year old boy has been quite violent to his classmates. The teacher have received feedback from 2 of his classmates that my son kicked them in the legs a
You've listened to the teacher's side of the story. What about your child's? Has your child always been this violent or it's the first time something like this happen? Have a heart-to-heart talk with

First before-and-after school care centre for special needs children opening in Jan 2019

A new before-and-after school care centre for special needs children is set to open in Jan 2019, within MINDS Woodlands Gardens School. The centre will be a big help for caregivers, especially workin
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well you can try rainbow center special school we got a after care for kids that only belongs to rainbow center .if u are keen you can call them see if u are to enroll your child in the school
It's a huge leap from k2 to P1. What are the things that we should start preparing them now ?
They will need to know basic reading and writing and Math skills. Best to build up on their speed in reading and writing, as they will need it when they copy down stuff from the board. Also, a good id
What's the right age to let your kids start dating?
as they are it is important part from our side to explain them positive and negative side of dating in young age