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Looking for tutors with good track record to teach P6 Math

Any recommendations on tuition centres in woodlands or home tutors?
Try woodlands civic center - Mind Matters: they are good in maths and science
how old is your kid when he / she started to go to school


Any kids wireless headphone to recommend?
My Daughter is 3 and I bought her the jbl junior. It’s noise cancelling. We use it on flights
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The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival!?

I am not one for scary, heart-stopping rides, but boy, did we have loads of fun at tHe Prudential Marina Bay Carnival! From enjoyable rides to watching others scream their lungs out on the thrilling r
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looks like your LO had an amazing time.
Looking for a experience Maths tutor. Any recommendations? Follow school syllabus strictly.
I can help with finding a tutor! Let me know :)
Do you allow if your kid doesn’t want to eat breakfast before going to school?
Definitely no, coz breakfast important to kick start the day. Perhaps you can find out more what they would like to eat for breakfast instead? If nothing too unhealthy, can let them have it :)

Secondary School for 2020

May I know when will MOE advise the period to check on Secondary school intake/DSA as I’m looking to ensure my daughter continues with her Swimming as she likes it. How do I go about doing this? Thank

VivoCity library opening in Jan 2019!

Singapore’s largest shopping mall library is set to open in 2019 in VivoCity. Bukit Merah Public Library will reopen as [email protected] in VivoCity on 12 Jan 2019. The library will be located
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Hurray!! Another good place for kids.

First before-and-after school care centre for special needs children opening in Jan 2019

A new before-and-after school care centre for special needs children is set to open in Jan 2019, within MINDS Woodlands Gardens School. The centre will be a big help for caregivers, especially workin
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Good initiative!! 👍🏻
Any suggestions to buy girls kids black shoes. But not school shoes. Thanks in advance.
Try H&M and CottonOn Kids