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Yesterday being the first day of school, how many mums found it necessary to ask a million questions to your Sec1 child? I came home asking him where are you sitting in class? How is your form teacher
I would have done the same ! LOL
Completely normal even after 3 kids! You're lucky if they answer 😂
Depends on how u are asking
Asking your children questions is normal but make sure to ask them politely. Create a conversation with empathy & compassion.
It’s actually normal as my mum did that on my very first day 😂 , and parents are worried about whether their kids are able to adapt to a new environment that’s all
Do you teach your child about bullying at this age? Am asking because my son comes home by the school bus and most of them are the older P5 and P6 kids. Am worried that he may be bullied as he is tiny
Yes in fact we taught our lo about bullying when she was in preschool so now it's definitely the right time. Do spend time in the evening to find out about his day at school, if his bus ride home was
My son has a bully in first grade so we told him the bully might be going through problems. They became friends!
Ask your kid about his school and how his day was. Listen calmly and offer comfort and support. Kids often wouldn’t tell adults about bullying because they feel embarrassed and ashamed that it's happe
My 4 year old likes to grind his teeth when he sleeps. Any adverse effects? How to stop it?
My 7 year old grinds his teeth too! So stressful
I think it’s pretty common, especially if they are under some sort of stress. Try to ease your 4 years old’s mood before you sleep
Yes, as others have rightly mentioned, it's quite common in kids. My mum used to tell me it's because of hyperactive brain or worms in the tummy! Not sure if this is true, but no harm feeding him a de
Teeth grinding is actually quite common in kids, and is medically called Bruxism. In this condition, kids either grind their teeth or clench their jaw when they’re asleep, especially during deep sleep
If its really severe it can cause wearing down of teeth. According to it might be b
Good school to Learn Chinese
My 2 boys are in Xavier but need tutor. Uso ang tutor doon
Berries has really good reviews(:
Berries (百力果)my 5 year old Niece attends Chinese classes there, and after 2 months her Chinese has great improvement especially being able to have basic conversation in mandarin.
I have bought wawayaya joyreader for my kid, now he can read mandarin by self.
Best educational book to get for my 7 year old?
My kids love those Nat Geo books about sharks, bears etc
Get books that your child is interested in..
Yung mga science related books.
I think most books are good 7 year olds. You can go for Roald Dahl etc
My kid has this habit of biting his nails. How can I correct this habit of his?
He/she is probably doing it because they are anxious or nervous. Check out this article for tips -
Tell him there is more bacteria under his nails than a toilet bowl. Hopefully put him off for life - that's what my mum did to me!
I would put anti nail bite or ask him focus his nervousness into something else But it may be a deeper problem Is he worried about something
Approach him nicely. Check the fingers possible yan mag deform because of the continuous biting.
You need to check does his nails are bigger, if yes pls cut it regularly. Also nail biting is also a way to thinking so pls check what the kid always thinks.
How much time your teenagers spend with phone/ computer
Almost every hour of every day 🙄
None for now
This really depends on the age. 1-2 hours per day, perhaps an additional hour at the weekend.
None. No gadgets for them until now
Pagwalang pasok halos pagkagising hanggang gabe. Pero pag school day bawal
How can parents help make their children successful in school?
Develop their soft skills. Check out this article for more info -
I think the first step would be asking yourself what’s your definition of success , in other words your expectation for them .
Make sure they get involved in extra activities and you get involved too. Learn what they are enjoying and encourage more of it
As long as they have GOOD grades. That’s fine with me. No To rush things. They will shine on their own time. 😉
Should I tell my husband when our daughter gets her first period, or it is irrelevant?
Yup .. coz she is grownup now
Yes! Let him also be excited that his daughter is becoming a lady!
Why not? Omg ! She is becoming a young lady!
You should! It is an important milestone in the family
There's nothing wrong with telling your husband about your daughter getting her first period.
A friend of mine whose son is 10-year-old already has a Facebook account. Don't you think it is crazy to let your kid have FB account at this age?
I'm not sure why you would give him an account so early - it's not the best idea really. If you are going to keep it, make sure only you know the password so you can properly supervise
No but used with supervision and I feel the more u want to restrict The worse it gets
Ung anak ko cmula ipinanganak may fb na. Pero di nmn nya inoopen. Ngaun ginagamit n nya pero sa chat lng sya. Ung mga clasm8s nya na lumilipat ng scul nakaadd don kaya khit magkakalayo cla nagkkachat
This is too early for a child to have a FB account its not good for child to get addicted to social media at tender age
The child is just too early to have a facebook account, he will start seeing things he ought not to see specially corrupt things.